The Roma single-dose baking cup is made of brown cardboard in the shape of a flower for the production of automatic lines. The pure cellulose cardboard is resistant to food fats and can withstand both freezing and cooking in the oven up to 220°C. This baking mold is recyclable and biodegradable and, thanks to its particular self-supporting structure, does not need to be inserted into preformed metal molds.

  • For baking

  • Ecological

  • Possible logo printing

  • For freezing

  • For microwave-heating

  • Fat resistant

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ROMA , Art. 1557


Diameter : 44 mm

Height : 31 mm

44 x 31 mm


( 1 box )

Minimum order 900 gab.

per box

per pallet

900 Pcs.

18 000 Pcs.

per box

per pallet

900 Pcs.

18 000 Pcs.

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