We offer a whole range of biodegradable dishes made on the basis of bagasse. Bagassa is dried sugar cane fibers that are obtained during the process of squeezing juice from sugar cane stalks. After grinding into fibers, the raw material turns into a pulp, which is an excellent material for the production of such products as bowls, plates or trays. Bagasse dishes are 100% biodegradable and compostable. They biodegrade within 90 days, create compost providing natural ingredients for the soil. Bagassa packaging is a great counterweight to Styrofoam and other plastic products. These products do not leak and are resistant to fat as well as high and low temperatures. In addition, they are stiff and comfortable to use. In addition, thanks to their high aesthetics, they can successfully replace ceramic plates. – are used in bars, restaurants, canteens, hospitals, during events – serve hot and cold dishes

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